The video recording system for monitoring the whole court and for the detection of major infractions

So accurate that you won't have any doubts

To carefully detect violations

of the rules and whether the ball’s in or out, you have up to 19 cameras positioned on the court, recording with the best resolution and high speed (180 fps).

Easy installation

that allows you to place the cameras with limited cables than before, so as to make it convenient also the rental of the system.

Simplified interface

to facilitate to the maximum all the consulting and recording operations: it takes only few keyboard typing, for example, to mark the most crucial moment so that you can quickly find them later.

Customize the video check

with wallpapers and logos of the teams and then transmit it to the referees and the local TV or, thanks to Volley Board, on the videowall. The recording are always available also in slow motion.

An electronic eye for the court

Video Check cameras record at 180 frame per second, optimal speed to capture all the balls played. On teams demand, it is possible to quickly watch again the actions and send the images to the widescreens of the venue.

System configuration

VideoCheck is a video recording system that checks the entire court to detect rule violations, or to define without any chance of doubt if a ball was in or out. VideoCheck can control up to 16 high-speed cameras.



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