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Data Project started up in 1982, a software house dedicated to the creation of tools and services for sport, in a world where the importance of computers has become essential in the management of every business.

DATA PROJECT’s objectives are to spread its programs on all levels in order to allow the widest of information among coaches, to have all the data needed available so to program their work during the sport season and above all to provide the instruments which enable the younger coaches to develop a correct programming and analysis mentality of the work carried out.

The company, with its technical branch in Salerno and its commercial branch in Bologna, have developed services for important organizations, such as Leagues, Federations and television networks (more information), so as to resolve the needs related to the scouting, displaying and diffusion of technical and informative data, by using the most updated media available and the advice of technicians and researchers at the top of their discipline.

Today, Data Project and its products have acquired international credibility, which places it absolutely vanguard on the world market of sport software.


Here is an extract taken from an article of Julio Velasco 1987, which fully represents the philosophy and the objectives which have always characterized the choices and attitude of Data Project.

My euphoria was so much when I learned about the possibility of using a computer, which not only allowed for one person to elaborate all the data, but it succeeded in completing the information and providing data during the game.  During the first talks with the program’s creator, who is now the Data Project CEO, I went straight to the point of the problem: computer programming should be so widespread so as to allow for the freedom of doing scouting as one likes, in a practical way: an instrument to guide the team during the match, to carry out a correct diagnosis, to better program work based on objective data and to help to modify the players and the authorized staff’s mentality

Julio Velasco, 1987

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