The statistics and analysis software used by the best teams at all levels worldwide

Annual license for only € 799 with video analysis

To satisfy all your needs for scout and video analysis

A depth of scouting

that you can customize based on your need and ability: you can focus on few key data, or you can scout all the skills, to analyze every possible perspective of the game.

More data in less time

thanks to the automatic codes insertion of the skills related to each other (serve/pass and attack/block), which allows you to enter more information, typing fewer characters.

Video analysis is integrated

to complete your data study. In the new Data Volley you find two software in one: in addition to the scout, you also have the video analysis, in order not to miss a single detail of the game and to link to the statistics a visual feedback. 

A widespread sharing

through the client, accessible from any device. Watch the video streaming and the replay of last 5 points. Save and watch later the most important clips. Share useful info for the game's strategy with coaches, statistics with journalist and TV.

Essential during training

where the collected data may be used to study athletes' efficiency and their evolution over time, in order to prepare exercises aimed at improving performance

Custom data analysis

as needed. The data processing possibilities are endless and it’s possible to differentiate the analysis by recipient, inserting  in the study only the required items.

Professional scouting

Scout all the skills while focusing on each detail of the game. Scout in real time during the match and then complete your work afterwards. Utilize the program according to your needs and abilities. You can choose to focus only on a few skills or create a completely detailed scout for the most accurate and detailed analysis of all of the data.

Data analysis during the game

Adapt your strategy in real time according to the information from your scoutman. Each piece of statistical data may help you to change the outcome of the match.

Further possibilities of analysis

Set your personalized analysis criteria. You can select and analyze each skill at your convenience.

A Web Client accessible to everyone

Create a local network, which allows you to share scouted data in real-time. The new web interface called "Web Client" allows coaches and assistants to immediately receive the desired information on any device connected to the network. It facilitates the efforts of journalists and television by sharing specific analyses and match statistics directly with them. You are able to capture video directly and then stream it to the bench. In addition, you can send and review the last four actions of the game allowing you to not miss any detail of the rally.

Video Capture

All of our expertise and experience in one software; Data Volley 4 has fully integrated all the features of Data Video. You no longer need to have separate programs for scouting and data analysis and another that captures and synchronizes video. For Data Volley 4, the best comes together... to be even better!

New on Data Volley 4

A lot of innovations and improvements of the new Data Volley 4. Some example: a web server for whaching analysis and video on any networked device; the processing of the analysis, up to 8 times faster than the previous version.

Technical Specifications

Data Volley 4 works only on Windows operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, VISTA, XP SP3). To operate without slowdowns Data Volley 4 needs a computer with a Core i5 processor, at least 2GB of RAM, a USB port for inserting the dongle and Internet connecttion for license activation and automatic downloading of updates. Data Volley 4 is available in Italian, English, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American), Japanese, Russian, German, French, Polish.




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