The global accreditation tool for sports events

The accreditation system

dedicated to all sports authorities that organize events, that enables to handle in one software all the requests for accreditation of all the parties involved in the event, from organizers, to players, volunteers, media, security, etc.

A system integrated

with third-party systems, through API, it can receive lists of people to be accredited, directly from an external competition manager, included the Web Competition Manager

A dedicated portal

where organizations and single users can sign up to request accreditations, and check the status of their requests, download files and information about the events, apply for new events. 


in all the aspects, it is possible to pick the badges layout between the presetted, or create a new one. There are also customizations related to access functions and roles that, combined with the integration with thirtd-party systems, simplifies the work of the event organizer.

Manage your accreditations

Control Panel

Media and Volunteers

Users Area

Badge Manager & Badge Reader


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