Because all sports need a scoreboard

Integrated with e-Scoresheet

LiteScore is designed to display, during the match, all the data collected by the official electronic scoresheet, so to keep teams and audience updated in every phase of the game.

Essential at every level

as it offers multiple functions: it allows you to report timeouts, substitutions and serves and it’s efficient for all sports, since it displays a score from 0 to 199.

Device management

is via LiteScore App on Android tablet, while on Windows computer is via LiteScore Manager, which you can also connect with Data Volley, to receive the score during the match. 

In training too

you can take advantage of its features: scores, wash drills, timer… The app let you manage, also from a distance, different situations such as the automatic programming of the exercises and the beeps.

All the official information of the match

LiteScore is an LED two-sided portable scoreboard; a complete and interactive system to display the score and other information of the match.

Use during training

You can take advantage of all the functions used during matches also for training sessions. For example, the 3 LED set indicators light up in sequence each time you press the corresponding button on the remote control; it can be used for specific drills such as "Wash Drills." The types of timeout work as a timer for exercises and the siren is a great tool to get the attention of the athletes. The ball possession indicator can be used to show from which side the next ball is coming.

Managing the scoreboard

You are able to connect LiteScore to e-Scoresheet and Data Volley, use it manually through a management software on any Windows PC or through an Android App that controls all functions of an official scoreboard.