You've never imagined it was so easy

Analysis available at once

through three simple steps: you capture the video of the match (automatically compressed during recording), synchronize it with the scout from Essential StatsClick&Scout or Data Volley and get useful info for rotations and skill analysis. 

Click on the skill

on your match report to watch the corresponding action within the recording. You can analyse every skill in order to see individual statistics for each player and evaluate their evolution over time. 

Rotation analysis

is necessary to examine the team’s behavior in the two different phases of break point and side out, considering scores won and lost. You can also watch the actions in slow motion and fast forward.

Custom editing

according to what the analysis reveals, allows you to show to your athletes their weakness and strength. Thanks to the frame editor you can add lines and text to your images.

Scout your entire match with just a few clicks

Capture or import the video from your match on to a PC. You can scout the rotations by setting the server and setter's position on the court and then with just a few clicks each rally, organize the match. If you own either Essential Stats, Click&Scout or Data Volley, you are able to automatically synchronize the video and statistical data from the first serve instead of having to go back and synchronize the video point by point.

Video analysis of statistical data

You can watch the rallies of each rotation as many times as you want. By importing the scout file you are able to analyze the video when clicking on any skill. Use the frame editor to save the most important parts during the game so you are able to watch it later.

Video editing

Create a video of one or more rotations by identifying the team and sets played. Share the video with your team to have a better analysis of the game.

Streaming Video

Replay the action just completed in order to quickly adapt your strategy. You can use this feature to show your players the movements he just made.

Technical Specifications

Minimum requirements:


- Intel® Pentium® Dual Core Duo or superior


- Microsoft® Windows® VISTA, 7, 8, 10


- 512MB RAM (recommended: 1 GB)


- 60 GB of HD free space (recommended: 200 Gb or bigger, external disk)


The installation setup file of the programs can be downloaded from the website: select DOWNLOAD from the menu panel.

You must be using a temporary license. The program will warn you 15 days before it runs out. You can renew the license by purchasing it online or by contacting our sales department by sending an e-mail to

Remove all Divx video codec and remove Divx Player from the list of applications in the Control Panel.
Download the XVID codec from the Utility section in the Download area.

Update Windows Media Player to version 11.
Update the drive of the video capture board.


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