The visual feedback that integrate statistics

Analyze match video

in just few steps: import the video and synchronize the scout with the video, starting from the beginning, in order to associate each hit to the corresponding moment.

Video analysis of statistical

data allows you to thoroughly study any technical move or game situation, with the possibility, thanks to the association with the scout, to look for the skill you want to watch. You can also create custom video to show to the athletes. 

Your match in few clicks

Capture or import the video of your match on PC and by just 3 buttons you are ready to scout. Synchronize video and statistical data, starting from the first serve, in order to associate each performed hit to the corresponding moment of the video.

Video analysis of statistical data

Watch again the rallies related to the desired technical move or game situation, also in slow motion or in fast forward. If you imported the scout, you can analyze the video by clicking directly on the skill from the stats report. Use the frame editor to enlight the most important moments of the rally to assembly later.

Video editing

Organize the analysis to make the video. Create custom video from any manca testo. They can watch it individually at home, following your informations.