Only $49 to start the revolution!
Win/Mac Release - try it for free!
(WARNING. Do not update to Mac OS X Yosemite. The license does not work, so far)
iPad - Download Click&Scout from the AppStore for free, and purchase it directly from within the application
Application is for iOS version 6, 7 and 8

Click&Scout is the new statistic scouting software by Data Project. Studied and developed for touch screen devices but can easily be used on all desktop and laptop pc’s with Windows and Mac OS. Click&Scout is ideal for on bench use for an immediate feedback of the progress of the match.

Click&Scout is:

For everyone
Designed and developed for those coaches that have always wanted to use Data Volley but could not afford to buy it. For only $49 per year you can provide your team with an effective and reliable valuation tool.

User friendly
With just a few clicks you can scout the serve, reception, attack and block. The program will guide you through all the game phases, from the first to the last point. The graphic interface shows you exactly what you are seeing on the court, from the attack positions right up to the reception positions.

It uses all the new technologies and devices that are part of our everyday life and that are here to stay!

Click&Scout is designed to be the most effective statistical tool used in real time for the non professional users or for a professional coach that simply wants a quick scout. This is the reason why Click&Scout is placed right next to Data Volley; they share philosophy and compatibility but Click&Scout is not here to take Data Volley's place. We like to think of Click&Scout as Data Volley's son, they have the same DNA but focuses its potential on touch screen and mobile devices.

Click&Scout, can you really live without it?

A new philosophy

Developed for TOUCH SCREEN devices, but also for desktop and laptop PC’s; for Windows, Mac OS and now for iPad. With Click&Scout Data Project opens a new path in the statistic scouting world making it available to everyone. Click&Scout is affordable (only $49 for an annual license), user friendly and open to new technologies.
Easy Scouting

Anyone can use Click&Scout. The user friendly interface let’s you step right into the game! Serve, reception, attack, block: with just two clicks the program is capable of following the match automatically assigning valuation effects: if the serve is positive the reception can only be negative, if there is a ball deviation during a block, a point will be assigned and you will be asked to specify the player that made the error block. Needless to say, you can change the evaluation parameters according to your requirements.
Real positions on court

In Reception: positions the teams according to the most commonly used reception schemes (2 default schemes: reception with or without opposite). This will guarantee a real vision of what is happening on court to ease the scouting process. You can customize these schemes for each team or you can choose to not use one at all (useful for small local teams that are yet to have specific roles in the team).
In Attack: players move according to their usual first and second line attack. This is so you don’t have to remember the number of the players that perform each hit. You can, once again, choose to move players according to your needs.
Directions and colours

The last scouted direction, for serve or attack is traced with the bigger arrow. Colours change according to the effect of the skill: black for point (point after serve or winning attack), green if the rally continues, red if a point has been made by the opposite team (serve out or attack error).
Interactive Analysis

Displays, rotation after rotation, serve and attack directions in real time.
Serve: Shows the directions and the effects of the serving player before each rally.
Attack: Shows the directions and the effects of the attacks of the receiving players before the start of the rally.  All attacks, for both teams, can be viewed during the current rally.
Analysis on screen of the attack

You can view, at any time, for each rotation and for each team, the analysis of the total attacks on reception, on positive reception and on counterattack. This feature is useful to show players, during the match, the setter calls during the different phases of the match.

Click&Scout creates match reports in Data Volley style,  attack directions by rotation (serve and attack) divided by player, general statistics, attack statistics, team reception and team distribution all in PDF format.
Analysis on several matches

Select the matches you want to analyze and press the “Analysis” button. You will be asked to select the team you want to analyze in order to filter only the ones you may be interested in for a further choice. The same analysis can be applied to the individual match of the selected team.
Import and Export

Click&Scout is fully compatible with all programs by Data Project. You can export the scout and the teams in Data Video, Data Video Essential or Data Volley 2007, and you can import a scout previously created with Data Volley 2007 or with another Click&Scout installed on another device.
Beach Volleyball

Now you can use Click&Scout throughout the year. Since version 1.01.00 there is also the section of beach volleyball. For games with 2, 3 and 4 players.In the Option tab just choose how many players are on the court and choose the type of regulation (Beach Volleyball) when you start a new game. And then disappears line of 3 meters and attacks become Powerhits, Shot and Poke, terms now familiar to all.
News: Beach Volleyball available on iPad
Click&Scout MEDIA Plugin (Win/Mac version only)

For managing online competitions of Leagues and Federations.
In the Options panel you can check the MEDIA Plugin. This Plugin allows to perform the statistics also for official matches expected in the schedule from your League or Federation. You can also print the Match Report and send data in real time for visualization on the external web site of the National Federation or League.

Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish and Italian

Minimum requirements

- Video resolution: 800x600 min
- Windows OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, VISTA,  XP
- Mac OS (Intel processor): Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion
- iPad with iOS 5 or above
- Internet connection required for licence activation
- Exported files are compatible with Data Volley 2007, Data Video 2007 and Data Video Essential.
- The software doesn't work on a Virtual Machine

  Click&Scout does NOT work on iPod, iPhone, Android and Windows RT

This is how the LICENCE works:

Click&Scout’s Free Trial version has the following restrictions:

  • You can only scout one set
  • You can’t add any more codes once a team has reached 20 points. After that, the last code will always outrule the previous one.
  • You can’t scout more than 200 codes.
The purchased license is valid for 12(twelve) months from the activation date (for example: you can activate it on 1st September 2011 and it will expire on 1st September 2012). At the end of these 12 months, the software will stop working until you activate a new license.

The software license can be activated on 1(one) device for one year. The license cannot be transferred and activated onto another device, unless you purchase a new license.
During the duration of your license you will be able to download, free of charge, all software updates. Updates can’t be downloaded if the license has expired.

Warning: if you format the device, the license stops working and you will need to purchase a new license
You can purchase a license renewal at any time, but it can only be activated during the last 30 days of the current license. If you update the license during the last 30 days, the software will automatically extend the expiry date to a year taking into account the days left of the current license (for example: if you update the license, but there are still 25 days remaining, when you launch the software you will have 1 year and 25days left).

Data Project S.r.l. will not refund the license cost in the following circumstances:
  • Buying a new computer
  • Theft of the device on which the license is installed
  • Low level hard disk formatting
  • Hard disk or main board substitution
  • Hard disk partitioning (using tools such as Partition Magic)
  • update OS to Mountain Lion and Yosemite (Mac users)


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