VideoSharing 4: even more powerful!

Video Sharing 4 is the program used for sharing digital videos of volleyball matches through the internet. It provides great digital quality of the new video compressing technologies as well as offering a straight forward and user friendly interface.
Federations and Leagues can now share technical videos of the matches without having to send DVD’s by post to the different clubs and without having to send out technical staff.

For the Clubs, VideoSharing 4 is:

Less waiting time - You can now send the video at the end of the match and at the same time place all matches of that particular day in a download queue, in order to have all videos the next day.

Online security - Access to these videos is restricted to users or teams that take part in the service (usually the teams of a particular championship or leg).

Quality of the service - Should the system crash, connection and transfer of the files is restored automatically without data loss.

Unlimited availability - You will have all the games for the entire season.

Videosharing 4 architecture

VideoSharing 4 is a service used by a Federation, League or group of independent teams that take part in a competition. The service is offered to the teams of a championship by the organization and this program will allow them to download matches once they have correctly uploaded at least one of their matches. You have to upload in order to download!
Reserved disk space on the server

Each competition has a dedicated disk space on the server where all matches sent by the club can be found. The match archive is a great monitoring tool for the league or federation technical staff in order to check all players, teams or referees to make sure there are no inconsistencies.

The new version 4 no longer uses external codecs, often a source of various multimedia issues.
Videosharing 4 uses 2 codecs:

  • Xvid: the classic format 720x576, used so far and 100% compatible with Data Video, now with compression times reduced compared to previous versions.
  • MP4 H264: 852x480p SD, HD 1280x720p, and 1920x1080p FullHD formats. The SD format 852x480p is suggested, because it provides better video and audio quality than Xvid format with same bit rate and size (1 GB for 2 hours video).
On Data Project's YouTube channel you can find a video that shows the difference between the two types of codecs on the same movie. You can view it at this link
Interaction with Data Volley and Data Video

The format of the video is compatible with Data Video and you can share scout files scouted with Data Volley that can then be imported into the program. If you have Data Video or Data Volley you have a big advantage.
With the introduction of the mp4 format, Data Video 2007 users will no longer run assembly file using the "FAST" mode, because mp4 is not compatible with this function of Data Video. Obviously, the montages in "slow" mode are fully compatible.
Selecting a competition

You can upload or download matches of several championships. By joining the corresponding service you will obtain a username and password for a specific competition. Once you have entered login and password and selected the championship, you can start uploading and downloading matches already present on the server as well as being able to add and share your videos with other users. For example, the teams that take part in the Serie A Volleyball Championship and also in the Champions League organized by the CEV, can access both competitions.
List of matches

Once you have selected the championship, the list of matches associated to it will appear. You can filter the matches by day, team and phase and you can start downloading matches and scouts associated to it. You can see a 60second preview of the video before you chose to download it. From this window you can also send videos of your matches and the relevant scouts.

You can download one or more matches. Select the desired videos by double clicking on them and press DOWNLOAD. Select the path where you want to save the file and the level of priority and you can then start downloading. Minimize the program window to keep working on your PC. When complete, the program will check the video and make sure it is complete and it will inform you of the operations that were carried out. A video can be paused and you can continue downloading it another time: when you access the program again you will be informed of the pending activities and you can either continue downloading or uploading or look for new videos. When available, you can also download the scout of the match for an easy interaction with Data Video.

Once you have selected the championship and chosen the match, press UPLOAD. Select the video you want to send, add the scout of the match and add notes so that other users can download the video and also use it with Data Video. The program will check the video and will then send it to the server. You can minimize the program and continue working on your PC while the video is uploading.
Match Capture

Live Match Captur was introduced.This allows you to have the video ready for upload immediatly at the end of the match. The "Capture" can be started only after you select the match concerned (or free slot). This is necessary in order to check the permissions and apply the parameters of size, quality and bit rate set for the selected event. To do this it is therefore necessary to be connected to the internet. However, if there's no internet connection, you can "Reserve a Capture offline" of the match. This function activates a window on the main menu from which you can start capturing without the need to log in and be connected to the Internet.
The recommended device for HD capture is AVerMedia LGP (Live Game Portable). Thanks to the driver, it allows you to capture HD directly into Video Sharing
Download queue

Before you send a file, you can place a video in a download queue for the other matches present in the selected championship. When the upload is complete, the videos will be downloaded automatically. You can customize the order of the videos in the queue.
Ticket service

Anyone can download or upload a video to the server as long as they have a ticket to do so. A ticket is an alphanumeric code that is used for a single match. A ticket can only be generated by a valid VideoSharing user. In order to use a ticket simply enter the number in the main page of the program. You won’t need to enter a login or password.

PC Laptop or desktop with:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows® 7, VISTA or XP Service Pack 2.
  • Internet ADSL Connection

For leagues that require sharing videos in HD

  • Core i3 processor generation
  • HD Webcam or HD capture card

Languages: English, Italian, Catalan and French


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