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There is a small line between winning and loosing. In a competitive world it's easy to loose track of the key factors that allow you to prevail on your opponent. Data Volley 2007 is the volleyball statistical software that helps you scout and analyze all game situations to always have the winning tools by your side.

For the match analysis Data Volley 2007 is:

You can change your game strategy in real time according to the suggestions made by the scout man. Thanks to a connection between the computer of the scout man on the side line and the computer of the second coach on the bench, you can see the information relative to the match and change the game strategy according to objective valuations.

Complete and professional
You can scout all skills by scouting every detail. Suggestions from coaches worlwide have allowed us to add a large amount of details to satisfy everyone's needs.

The program can be set up according to your requirements and abilities. You can scout a few skills or carry out a detailed scout in order to obtain a more in depth and accurate analysis.

You can choose the shortcut keys to associate to each valuation and define the analysis criteria. By associating a code to each key you can keep following the rally without having to look at your keyboard. The keyboard is the quickest and easiest tool for entering data.

You can change the final result of the match.

Organizing the contents

The structure of the environment helps you understand the operations you will need to carry out. The user interface speeds up the work of the expert scout man and it also improves the learning process for new users.
Scout Codes

These codes store information relative to the skills you want to scout. You can use basic codes or add advanced codes to have a more precise organization of the different game situations, for example if a point was made with a block out or o court or if the error was made due to a ball landing outside the courts or ball in net.
Scoreboard Panel

This panel helps you when you scout a match. You can modify the rotations of the teams on the court, the score and the number of the setter; you can indicate time outs, enter the line up and cancel the closing of a set.
Entering a Line Up

By double clicking on the player, or by dragging it in the court in the desired position you can define the initial line up of the team.
Guided scout

During the scout you can obtain specific codes which are entered automatically by Data Volley. This will allow you to scout, from the very beginning, one or both teams in a complete and easy way. When you double click on the code, a window will appear where you can enter advanced codes and enter codes indicating the zone, the attack directions or the setter. This will allow you to complete the code in a simple and straight forward way.
Basic statistics

By scouting only the basic codes, you can obtain, in real time, a detailed analysis of the skills, of a player or of a team, of one or more rotations, of a set or of the complete match. For example you can create detailed analysis for the rotations, differences between attacks on reception or defense, analysis of part of a set(i.e. from point 20 to 25), specific analysis(i.e. all attacks made by player number  9 and after player number  9 is on reception)
Zone analysis

Zone analysis allows you to evaluate skills according to the zone in which they were performed in order to study where the best and worst results were achieved. The court is divided into 9 zones, numbers 1 to 9, and each zone is then divided into 4 zones (a,b,c,d).
Zone Analysis: Attack

The zone analysis indicates witch attacker was served
  • Front (position 4)
  • back (position 1/2)
  • pipe (position 6)
  • center
  • setter
You immediately see the setter distribution to the attacker being set rather that seeing the zone in which the attacker hit the ball. For example:  
An attack combination where the opposite crosses behind the middle blocker. In the classical display the opposite is recorded as attacking in zone 3, this attack is displayed in the middle zone of the front row. If you view according to the served attacker, the attack is recorded and displayed in zone 2. An orange box will display data from the attacks made by the setter of second contact.
Directions of attacks and serves

You can scout the directions in 2 different and complementary ways:
  • by entering the number which corresponds to the starting and landing zones.
  • by drawing the trajectory with the mouse or with a pen on a tablet PC, directly on the court.
Directions of attacks by Cones

Allows you to spot the opponent’s attack. The court will be divided into cones for the attacks from the different starting positions (Zone 4, zone 3, zone 2, zone 1 and zone 6). A keyboard is used to scout by cones, as for scouting attack directions, by indicating the starting zone and the cone number. You can also indicate if it was a long or short hit inside the selected cone.

You can obtain complex analyses on scouted data using simple auto composition tools, by entering specific formulas to achieve an analysis that fully represents the needs and requirements of the coach.
Attacks distributions

This feature allows you to check the efficiency and the distribution of the different types of attacks according to the starting zone, to the rotation, to the type of reception, etc.
Detail of the last hit

You can view the effects of the last hits divided by skill to follow the performance of each player under every technical aspect.
Play by Play Analysis

By entering the skill and the player that won or lost the point you can monitor the trend analysis of the set or of the match point by point and a graph in the middle of the page will help you follow the tie score.
HTML Chart

You can create a detailed statistical match report in HTML format so you can publish it on the website of the team or broadcast it on the internet.
Printing analysis in PDF format

You can choose how you want to print! You can group all analyses on one sheet or according to your requirements using the printing setup. A PDF analysis is helpful if you want to send files via email and it allows you to view special analyses such as Play By Play and the scoresheet.
Total Analysis: processing more than one match

The statistic prospects are created when the matches you want to analyze are selected from the scouting archive in order to use data from all matches and not only from the last match that was opened. You can create detailed analyses over time and add charts and graphs by using the Graphic analysis.
Scouting from a video

If you don't have a scout man available during a match but you still want to scout the statistic data of your team, you can open a video in Data Volley in order to work in sync with the video. This tool simplifies the process of adding codes that could not be entered during the match.
Sharing Data with Data Volley 2007

Data can be used in different ways. You can create a local network to share data scouted from the main position in real time:
  • with the bench, to view updated analysis.
  • with the press at the venue.
  • with television commentators.
  • to anyone interested in viewing the statistics
Data Volley for the supporters

Data Project has developed Volleyboard, a software that recreates an official scoreboard that is displayed using a normal video projector or that can be displayed on a monitor in the venue. When you connect Volleyboard to Data Volley you will be able to view:
  • the statistics of the player that is about to serve or that has just scored a point (just like you would on tv).
  • sponsor logos, adverts, match replays, etc.

To operate, Data Volley 2007 requires a desktop computer or laptop, with at least the following characteristics:
- Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows® 7, VISTA or XP Service Pack 2. (Mac OsX® + Parallels®)
· No minimum RAM required

A more powerful processor and more RAM will greatly improve the execution speed of the program. The software and the dongle are tested on MacOs X ® computers equipped with Intel processors through Parallels®


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